Back Up App Data:

  1. Open the apps drawer
  2. Go to “Settings
  3. Tap “Accounts” > “Google
  4. Select the email account you want to use for backup
  5. Make sure “App Data” is enabled
  6. Tap “Menu” > “Sync Now

Back Up Contacts:

  1. Access the “Settings” menu
  2. Tap “Accounts” > “Google
  3. Select the desired account
  4. Make sure “Contacts” is selected
  5. Tap “Menu” > “Sync Now

Back Up Media Files:

  1. Open the apps drawer
  2. Launch “Photos
  3. Tap “Menu” > “Settings” > “Back up & sync
  4. Tap the “Auto Backup” switch to “ON
  5. If necessary, tap “Backup account” > “Add account” and sign in with the desired Google account to use for backup
  6. Change the following options as you see fit:
    • Tap “Backup Storage” and select “Photo size
    • Under “Backup Settings”, tap “Backup photos” and “Backup videos”, and select to back up data over “Wi-Fi or mobile network” or over “Wi-Fi only”. In addition, enable or disable “Back up local folders”, “Roaming”, “While charging only” etc.
  7. For more details you can tap “About Auto Backup

Back Up Media Files on a Windows Computer:

  1. Connect the Alcatel Pop Up to your computer via USB
  2. If necessary, go to the notification area and enable “Media sync (MTP)
  3. On the computer, open the File Explorer
  4. Use the File Explorer to locate the media files on your phone
  5. Copy the files and transfer them in the desired backup location on the computer
  6. After the transfer is done, eject the phone storage via system tray and safely disconnect the device from the USB cord

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