So, for various reasons I purchased a CBSKY X-men X2 phone last Fall. The key features for my purposes are the IP68 certification (waterproof, shockproof, etc). It is supposed to be 4G-LTE capable, but when I set it up with my provider's SIM card I was only seeing 2G. Some searching revealed a hint that the phone I have *does* do 4G, but not on the frequencies/channels used in the USA. Well, fine, I am still mostly concerned about ruggedness not data speed.

Now I get a notification that 2G is being "retired" and my phone will stop working. Since I thought 2G was just dealing with data and not voice I could probably live with that, but some reading and web research says it might also affect voice. A bit more research shows that AT&T is retiring 2G in order to convert its frequencies to 4G. So, now I have to wonder, does that mean my phone will start working with the 4G that it is capable of?

Does anyone know, and why is it so *hard* to find out what seems to me to be basic information without all the obfuscation?

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