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    Called AT&T last night. My brother is special needs and has the Samsung SGH-A777 the phone is over 7 years old and the screen no longer works. I was told by the AT&T rep I needed to get my brother a Smart Phone which requires a data plan. I gave my brother my old Iphone 4S which is deactivated and doesn't have Cell service and he is constantly streaming video on the phone over Wi Fi. My problem is my brother will not be able to tell if he is on Wi Fi or 4G. Also the rep said that I am required to lease the phone. I have an Iphone 6 Plus and have a grand fathered unlimited data plan. The rep said I need a shared data plan with my brother and my only other option is go with a pre-paid phone. My brother's phone is costing me $10 a month and want to keep it that way. Is this information true or is the rep lying through his teeth?

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    Re: Bad Information

    It sounds like they're trying to change your data plan to get you off of the grandfathered unlimited plan. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR DATA PLAN.

    If you already own a phone you're not required to lease the phone. That's BS. If you don't need 4g data for the phone then just activate the phone and be done with it. If you do need 4g data then just buy the lowest data plan that they have available. It may cost more than a shared data plan, but you have the unlimited, and I doubt you want to give that up. (you could sell it if you really wanted to) Again, there's no need for a shared data plan other than to save some $.

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