Hi all, firstly my network has declared no faults, had my SIM card replaced and my phone replaced ( iPhone 6s) and the problem still persists.

I have my phone switched on 3G and my network uses 2147.4 MHz and 952.6 mhz. I have a home 3G femtocell from my network provider that transmits 2142.4 MHz.

Now here's the problem. When my phone is connected to 2147.4 it has a reluctance to let go of that frequency unless the signal is very low or lost. Basically if I was standing right next a 952.6 tower my phone would rather stay on one bar signal from a more distant 2147.4 tower it's not automatically tuning into the stronger different frequency tower . The same thing happens with my femtocell it prefers to stay connected to a distant 2147.4 tower.

The odd time it will connect, but 8 out 10 times it won't. Secondly if I toggle the airplane mode the phone will connect to the other stronger frequencies straight away..

Any ideas why? Maybe that's the way 3G cell towers work?

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