Hi Everyone,

I found online few different software applications which can be used for receiving SMS text message to computer. Either to email address or inside the software. Some of those software application even support worldwide country codes and area codes. However I am unable to use them due to the following reasons:

1. phone number must be in those software applications verified (different methods) before I can receive SMS message to EXACT phone number to computer (email, special software).
2. i must define which number will send SMS in order to receive it
3. i must first send SMS and only then i can receive it.

Neither of those 3 limitations are acceptable so I am searching for different solutions where those won't be required.

Reason 1 cannot be met by me because: I don't have physical access to the phone having phone number I want to use, neither sim card.
Reason 2 cannot be met by me because: I will never know which number sends SMS.. sometimes number can even look like ''231''
Reason 3 cannot be met by me because: Since i cannot know the number, there is no way to send sms first. Also want to be able to receive sms without needing to send anything to the same number first. But if i want to, possibility shall exist to reply on received sms.

I did some further research and discovered that some carriers offer this service inside account where i log in directly on their website. If option enabled, the sms is immediately, with no delay, delivered to email address and it is possible to set any wanted email address. Reason 2 and 3 are NOT required but unfortunately 1 is and therefore I cannot use that solution either - having no way to verify any verification password being send on exact phone number before i can set that sms being sent to that phone number, actually arrive to either email or some special software (no delay).

Could anyone please tell me what else could be done here?

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