I am in Hawaii.* Hawaii's area code is 808 for the entire state.*

This morning a friend of mine saw in her call log that she had missed a call from an 808 number
that she did not recognize.

She then called me on my Iphone.* I didn't answer because my phone didn't ring.* So then she called
my Android.* I answered, we were talking. & then we were cut off.*

I was talking and in the middle of my sentence she says, "Hello?"
I say, "Hello?"

We go back & forth a few times with the "hellos" & "
can you hear mes" and then nothing.

She thought I hung up.* So she calls my Iphone.* It kept ringing on her side (a special kind of ring that lets you know the phone is in use) as if I was talking to someone else.* So, to her, it seemed that I hung up my Android on her to take a call from someone else on my Iphone.

However, I did not hang up my Android and I was not on my Iphone when she tried calling it.

Later, she called me, we were talking and all of a sudden that same unrecognized 808 number pops up on her phone and her phone says multi-line call and she is disconnected from me.* On my side, our call was just dropped again--we were talking and all of a sudden we are cut off.

Altogether there were 2 maybe 3 times she called my Iphone & it didn't ring.* On her end it gave her the signal that I was on the phone, but I wasn't.* There may have been times my android didn't ring too, but I'm not sure.

One last strange thing that happened was that at some point my Android called 911 & then apparently (judging from the call log of missed calls) 911 tried to call me back.* But again my phone did not ring.

So to summarize, although my phone rang normally most of the time, there were times when it did not ring & the caller was given the impression that I was on the phone with someone else even though I wasn't.* Also, this mysterious number called twice and one of those times actually interrupted our conversation, ending it.

By the way, if I call that number, it just rings for a long time with no one answering and then finally hangs up.* Also, when I searched online for the owner, I couldn't find that number in any of the phone look up sites except for Spokeo.

According to Spokeo, that phone is in Agoura Hills, CA, even though it's a Hawaii area code.* But even though it says the phone is in CA, it shows a map of Honolulu with a pin stuck in it.* Also, the name of the owner is not shown.

My friend is involved in a law suit in which her opponents have spied on her, tried to entrap her by various crafty means, & even broken into her home once.* Is there any technology that someone could use to spy on her, or listen to her calls that would account for all the weird stuff described above?

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