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    iam looking for a phone with an integrated gps module that can always display my current (=last resolved) numeric GPS position on the main screen and that needs to be visible even during a call (so theres no need to dig into menus or press anything during the call to check the position). Must support aGPS and have settings how often to get data from the GPS sattelites (1min, 2min etc). Doesnt need to support any actual maps, i just need the numeric GPS coords.

    It must NOT be a touchscreen-only phone, can be OS based, preferrably a classic Bar or Flip body construction, could be Slide as last resort.
    Brand, looks, price or anything else doesnt matter at all, its not going to be a primary phone, so the cheaper and simpler the better but not a necessity

    (and no i cannot use a separate standalone gps device along with my regular phone to work around this)

    Thanks in advance for any relevant tips!

    See More: Need phone that can always display my GPS position on main screen even during call (not touchscreen)
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