Hi everyone,

first of all, I'm new here so I don't know if I'm posting this in the proper section but anyway:

I need to get a new phone. However I am quite notorious for dropping and wrecking all my relatively expensive phones. At the moment I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2. It is really tough and almost impossible to destroy, but the specs are just, well, not good enough.

So I need help, I can't find my answer anywhere on the internet, so I decided to ask my question here.

The question:
Does anyone know of a medium- to high-end phone (that's still being sold) that is relatively tough/bump-resistant?
I've looked at the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3, but its specs are just not good enough. I am in love with the Motorola moto X force, but That one is just a bit too expensive for me. I'm looking for a phone around 400 euros (moto x force is around 650).

I also have thought about bump-resistant phone cases, but I've already broken a phone with such a case.. a case does not make the glass extra tough. I don't really care about the edges getting scratched, but I don't want the glass to shatter too easily.

I really hope you guys can help me out, I'm getting quite desperate.

Thanks in advance,


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