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    Three months ago I chose to use Amaysim 7GB data account for my wireless internet access

    The problem now is they have about 8 phone numbers we are told to access their help/support but when the options announcement finish they say they are too busy to answer the phone....??????????
    and go online to contact them via chat help.
    In chat forum In one instance after 30 minutes of questions I was told NO he could not validate my sim card for the $10 phone as you go that I had just bought [5th august2016]but if i used the phone numbers on the sim pack i can validate....OK and as I told you they dont answer their phones..
    This sort of actions of failing to operate a phone in help support and leaving everybody up the creek with no alternatives but relate to the Ombudsman signals to me are AMAYSIM going BUST?
    I have had to buy a Woolworths data pack which works excellently. On TELSTRA

    See More: Amaysim,trying to use their hopeless Help and support....

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    Re: Amaysim,trying to use their hopeless Help and support....

    Thats obvious

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