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    Stone V3S is world's very first quadruple-protection rugged phone. It is aiming at outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers but also at the elder and children. Due to its anti-low temperature feature, V3S is more suitable in colder regions than the previous Stone V3 model.

    Quadruple-Protection Phone:
    1. IP67 water resistant;
    2. IP67 dust resistant;
    3. Very rugged -- can be dropped repeatedly without breaking;
    4. Anti-low temperature feature -- can survive extreme conditions as cold as -50 degrees Celsius

    Metallic Edge:
    Zinc alloy metal frames, excellent strength;

    Physical Keyboard:
    1. Transparent resin coating on every key;
    2. Laser carved characters;

    Four Colors:
    black, green, orange, blue

    Stone V3S will be priced at only around $30, even lower than Stone V3.

    The V3S will be available in early October, 2016 during the China’s National Holiday.

    VKworld also offers 100 pieces of free mobile phones in their latest promotion. They choose 5 winners everyday until 10th Oct, 2016. You can see it at vkworld.cc website.

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    Re: Rugged waterproof phone for $19.99!

    Cheapest Phone Ever--Stone V3S Only $19.99!

    Vkworld Stone V3S is the successor of the popular Stone V3. And Stone V3S features quadruple protection. It is daily water-proof, dust-proof, shatter-proof and also anti-low temperature. It can stand harsh cold weather condition and will not shut down during winter.

    Another highlight of this phone is the HiFi BOX Speaker. It is 23*30mm in size, much bigger than other speakers on smartphones. And it can deliver much better sound quality. Even when compared with the dual speaker on iPhone 7 Plus, it can still beat iPhone.

    More information about Stone V3S:
    QCIF Display;
    Mirror Tempered Glass;
    Physical Keyboard;
    Zinc Alloy Metal Frames;
    Dual LED Light;
    Dual SIM, Micro SD Card Expansion;
    2200mAh Battery

    The original price is $35.99. But now with China’s Double 11 ( Nov, 11th) Shopping Festival coming soon, vkworld slashes the price to only $19.99. The promotion starts from Nov, 1st.

    You can buy Stove V3S here:
    Online Store :
    VKWORLD Stone V3S Waterproof Shatterproof Dustproof Dual SIM 2200mAh Long Standby Mobile Phone Sale - Banggood.com
    AliExpress Store: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Orig...759603557.html

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    Re: Rugged waterproof phone for $30

    Gearbest starts its Christmas promotion earlier this year, from 12th Dec to 20th Dec. This time Gearbest hosts the event with vkworld, providing 6 models for extremely low prices. More importantly, 5 pieces of 3 models are offered at just $9.9 everyday at 09:00 (UTC) from 12th Dec to 18th Dec.

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    All 6 models are:
    1. Vkworld Stone V3 Max--$28.99, IP68 water-proof, Michelin rubber exterior, 5300mAh battery, power-bank function, free LED light;
    2. Vkworld Stone V3 Plus--$24.99, IP54 water-proof, BOX HiFi speaker, 4000mAh battery, best signal reception, free LED light;

    Video of speaker comparison among vkworld Stone V3 Plus, HTC 10, iPhone 7 Plus:


    3. Vkworld Stone V3S--$18.99, daily water-proof, BOX HiFi speaker, FM Radio, zinc alloy frame;
    4. Vkworld Stone V3--$35.99, IP67 water-proof, 5200mAh battery, power-bank function, free LED light, free OTG cable;
    5. Vkworld Diamond Z2--$27.99, flip phone, big font, SOS calling, loud speaker;
    6. Vkworld F1--$48.99, MT6580 quad-core processor, 8MP+5MP camera, front and back camera flash, 4.5 inch IPS display.

    Gearbest promotion is here: Merry Christmas The Best Cell Phone Brand Flash Sale - GearBest.com

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