I am soon going on a two week European trip and am thinking about upgrading to a new phone. I currently have an unlocked LG Optimus Pro E980.

I would like a phone with a better camera and my phone has gotten a bit laggy among other things.

I do like the 5.5" size, don't think I want it to be much smaller or larger than that. I haven't looked at 5.7" and held them so I *might* consider that size.

Omled screen instead of lcd. My battery drains so quickly and I thought from reading this might help.

Android 5.0-6 preferably.

Operate on AT&T (upto 4G LTE) and be unlocked (or able to unlock it). I do not have or use a contract (I use Straighttalk currently)

Best camera I can get with these specs and under $500 if possible.

It doesn't have to be the latest or newest model of a phone.

Any suggestions...I'm a bit overwhelmed there are so many phones and versions of phones on the market.

Thank you!

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