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I know pretty much nothing about cell phones.

I own two phones. I was using a cheap pay-by-the-minute no-frills phone. I did not use it much, and the battery lasted
a long time. I would often forget to plug it in, because it only needed a charge maybe once a week, if that.

Fast forward to when I was dating a woman who has a lot more money than me. My phone went dead and she got stuck waiting for me a coupole of times.

She literally dragged me to the Apple store, and told me she was going to put me on her family plan.

I didn't want anything that douche-y or complicated, but she pressured me. Long story short, I ended up with an Apple 5C iPhone. I think that's what it is, anyway.

Fast forward two years, and she dumps me. I am off her plan. Now I shop around for a phone plan, and don't really like any of them.

In the interim, I went ahead and ordered what I call an "Obama Phone". This was a free phone offered to people like me who have pretty much no money. It came with a pretty small budget of minutes, and I never used it, just kept it for emergencies.

But then I got dumped by my girlfriend and could not find a carrier I liked, I went back to the Obama Phone, which is an "Alcatel", I don't know what model.

It is tiny, and it pretty much totally sucks for everything except very basic phone calls.

I went onto the SafeLink (Obama Phone) website, and it very sternly states that you CANNOT get the free service on your existing phone, you have to use one of the super crappy phones that they provide.

Well, that finally brings us to the point of this post. I want to hack around this asinine restriction. I want to get the free minutes each month, but on my old Apple phone, because it has all my contacts, music, and internet so I can use google maps when I get lost.

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