This spring, LG and Huawei have led the way with their new Android flagships, introducing two very different dual-camera systems indicating that the entire industry is about to enter the "dual camera eraĒ.

Some consumers may think that the dual-camera smart phone is flashy without substance. Instead of using dual cameras,itís better to develop a better camera.In their view,the smartphones camera performance in low light conditions is still weak, so the current core issue is the quality of the camera defects, rather than the lack of quantity.

However, if the number of smart phone camera, can improve the image quality, why not?

Compared with mirrorless camera or SLR cameras which has large size of the sensor chip, smart phone camera want to achieve their quality, there is a long way to go. But it must also can be seen that smart phone camera is good enough nowadays.With the development of small sensor hardware and the progress of auto HDR,enable smartphone cameras to meet a variety of scenarios, and if the picture is viewed on the device screen, the quality is good enough.

However,on the camera sensor technology progress, the problems is the return is getting smaller. As a matter of fact, take a look at Google Web album statistics ,can know that today's smart phone users, has been considered their phone camera is good enough to take pictures.In other words, a slight improvement in the sensor, such as better pixels or low light conditions to enhance the quality, it is difficult to bring great changes to the phone camera, smart phone manufacturers need other generous action, to make their shooting function stand out.

Through the dual cameras hardware can record DOF of the picture, can be perceived to be photographed objects near and far, so you can separate the object and background, even to make fuzzy processing background, can realize the function of adjusting pictures DOF in the latter part,of course, user can choose any position on the photo as focus, which may come to different photo effects. In addition, you can take a photo of the 3D effect (tilt Angle of the fuselage can watch), four seasons, and provides a virtual 360 degree panoramic camera, etc.

It can be said that dual cameras will become the new trend in smartphones, bring new development direction for smart phone manufacturers.

Sumvier K20 is the first one released dual cameras between OEM manufacturers,its dual camera is two-in-one, rather than running separately, the distance between the two cameras are very exquisite ,the working principle just like Huawei P9,can greatly enhance the camera quality,Which is most of the second-tier brand phone not able to do.

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