Just wondering;

What is the earliest possible mobile device that could be used, at least partially, to access the Internet? I thought about this when I found an old Samsung GT-i8910, released in May 2009 with Symbian OS v9.4 Series 60 rel. 5 as its OS.

Some old Java apps (such as Facebook) still work quite well and it also still has WhatsApp support until the end of June. Additionally UC Browser v 9.2 can be used to accessing the Internet and even some social media, such as Twitter (I tried to find some working Twitter app for it on the net but could not find).

But how about the earliest possible device that you can do these same things with? Which one is that? One contender could be as old as the original Wap-device Nokia 7110 (a.ka. "banana phone") from 1999, that ran on the s40 platform, although I'm not sure if it can even access the 'net anymore. The last s40 phone, the Nokia 515 from 2013 work just fine on the 'net, so an s40 device could be a contender.

So what are your thoughts; what's the oldest device/model that could still in 2017 be used, although with limited capacity, as an Internet device?

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