I find that the phones I like and best understand, and are most easy for me to use,
are older Motorola flip phones, mostly discontinued. I'm on my third Tundra. These
last me a couple of years before breaking in some way or screen dies, etc.

Because the phones I use are not always readily available on the used, refurbished
or NOS market at just the moment my current phone bites the dust, I need to store
a spare phone or two. I bought another tundra, and also a Motorola V365.
I really hope the V365 works out well, 'cause the Tundras are way too costly.

My question is this - How do I best store a spare cell phone for future use?
How often should I charge battery? How do I best insure that the screen does not
die because of dead or stuck pixels, or suffer from cold start separation when
I fire it up after sitting quite a while?

I appreciate any and all help with this. Thank you.

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