I thought I would ask here, and hope this is the right place.
I am with Verizon currently and they have the only tower (a new 4G type) in our area.
I have a smartphone but don't use the features much at all.
The phone I have now has had lots of problems with software and I want to replace it but I have a few requirements I would like to meet when I do replace it.
First of all, I am older and I need a very loud ringer or ringtone. I have hearing aids but don't wear them all the time. I make/receive very few calls.
I do not want or use text, the camera and many other features on these new phones.
Somebody told me that an android style phone would be a good choice for a simple phone for me.
In fact the only new feature I find interesting is Cortana on our current phone which I find handy.
Other than that, just a good basic phone with a loud ringer or ringtone is what I need.
Any suggestions? Or is there a testing website out there that has test results for the newest phones?

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