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    Have 2 Coolpad phones (3300a and 5560s) that are rooted and now I'd like to install a custom recovery (CWM or TWRP). However , I tried several versions and they do not "recognize" Coolpad. So, how do I install a custom recovery so that I can upgrade the O.S's (one has Kk 4.4.4 the other Kk 4.4.2) and install a OTG nugget in the kernel. One other problem: (for now) installed "Opera" browser and deleted Chrome. Opera is doing an awful lot of lagging and crashing. Do these phones not run well on anything but Chrome? If I can't get the advice/help here, would you know where I could find a 'site" that would accommodate these questions?

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    Re: Coolpad phones


    Is there anyone here that knows anything about Coolpad phones? Can't seem to get any responses to my inquiries.


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