This morning my Galaxy S 7 was sitting harmlessly on the counter as I made breakfast. Suddenly I heard what sounded like someone talking, and I realized it was coming from my phone? I picked up the phone, and sure enough I was listening in to a group of people having a conversation, similar to when you receive a "butt dial", which we all have, where you're listening into someone, or there is silence. I picked up the "phone" trying to end the call, but it was not showing that it was in a call? I tried using "back" and other things, but nothing worked. So after about 20 seconds more of listening to this random call, I just turned off the power, and then turned it back on, at which point the call was ended. Perhaps the oddest thing of all was my phone log showed nothing in "recent calls", and I have absolutely no idea who this was?! I'm baffled as to how I could listen in on someone's conversation without it being done through the phone setting, and how the log didn't show a call? Any thoughts?

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