So I switched to US Cellular a few months back. Paid $600 for an iPhone, because they would not let me pay cash for their "50% off iPhone" promotion - had to finance it over 3 years i.e., with interest and fees, I would wind up paying the full price anyway over 3 years. Then, my iPhone stopped working 2 months later - white screen with the apple logo. Nothing worked - home button/power button, nope. Went into the US Cellular store. Had to wait for 2 hours due to a long line. after 2 hours, they ordered me a new iPhone - would be overnighted to me. Great! Got the phone - had to install the Sim Card. Set it up - then - nada. Didn't work Said I had to call US Cellular to activate it. Can't call US Cellular, because the phone isn't set up Called from my work land line the next day - nope. Gave them all my information - couldn't get it activated! Said I needed to call Apple Spent an hour on the phone with Apple. Said I needed to call US Cellular ETc, etc, etc.

I'm done. I got screwed. Big shocker. Off to Sprint, will try them. US Cellular/Apple got $800 of my money for the phone/4 months of service, before screwing me. Hope it was worth it.

US Cellular and Apple SUCK.

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