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    Transfer Audio Files from a Windows PC:

    1. Connect the Archos device to your computer via USB
    2. Enable “File Transfer” / “Media device” when prompted or from the “Notification” area
    3. Launch the File Explorer on the computer and locate the audio files on the computer storage
    4. Copy the desired audio files and transfer them on the phone storage, preferably in the “Media” directory or “Ringtones” / “Notifications” / “Alarms” folder(s)
    5. Once the transfer is done, eject the phone storage via system tray and safely disconnect it from the USB cord

    Change the General Ringtone:

    1. Open “Settings
    2. Scroll to “Device” and tap “Sound & Notification
    3. Select the desired ringtone
    4. Tap “OK
    5. Optionally, you can enable or disable “Also vibrate for calls

    Change a Specific Contact’s Ringtone:

    NOTE: Custom ringtones cannot be assigned for contacts located on the SIM card or the phone’s internal memory.

    1. Launch “Contacts
    2. Tap and hold the contact whose ringtone you want to change
    3. Tap “Edit” > “Menu
    4. Tap “Set ringtone” and select the desired ringtone
    5. Press “OK” to confirm

    Change the Notification Sound:

    1. Launch “Settings
    2. Scroll to “Device” and tap “Sound & Notifications
    3. Tap “Default notification ringtone
    4. Select the desired ringtone and tap “OK” to confirm

    See More: Archos 55 Graphite: Set Custom Ringtones and Notification Alert Sounds

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    Re: Archos 55 Graphite: Set Custom Ringtones and Notification Alert Sounds

    Text automatically translated from: Spanish to: English
    Hi I need to decode to ZTE z753g of tracfone that I got to hand and I have not found a way to solve this problem. Thank you

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