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    I am not one who knows much about phones so I am hoping that I can get some advice, and my apologies if there has been a holy war over this.

    I have used a Samsung Galaxy SIII for a long time and use it with a 7200mA battery, so it is rather thick. I really, really do not want to carry around a charger with me so this thickness is totally fine with me.

    I am thinking about getting a new phone and have three requirements.

    1. Must be Android, as that is what I know.
    2. Must have excellent battery capabilities - as a heavy user it needs to easily last through the day.
    3. Must have an excellent camera.

    I guess that I should also note that price is a point for me - I am willing to pay but do shy away from carrying around a $650 item with me on a daily basis.

    Can someone please give me a suggestion where to look? I have Googled sites that do comparisons of batteries and of cameras and have a start, but hopefully some folks with understanding and experience can offer their words, which are at least as good as what I am reading.

    Cheers -


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    Re: Phone Advice Requested

    Oooookay, I guess this is the wrong place to ask a question.

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    Re: Phone Advice Requested

    No need to mention iPhone and Samsung Galaxy will be good but as you asked for some options Here are some phones you can buy which costs under $700. I am using an Iphone which was I ordered from Mobansp Store.
    Google Pixel
    LG G6
    OnePlus 5
    HTC U11

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