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    Hey there!

    A bit of introduction first: I'm a developer and I've been developing my own apps for some personal services I made.

    I've been in the iOS then in the Android field for some time but now I want to stop developing on those platforms and quit the smartphone landscape, saying goodbye to all those OSes.

    I'm now searching for a new phone and it's really a minefield to search with my requirements, that I'll give below.

    I'm requesting a bit of knowledge/help into deciding to choose a new phone and I hope I'll be able to find one!

    Here are my mandatory requirements:
    - 32GB external SD storage (I listen to a lot of music). 64, if possible, is better
    - Supports classical music formats: FLAC, MP3, maybe Ogg
    - Have those "thread" message systems
    - Web browser, for quick use
    - Opensource (or at least free for personal use) maintained SDK, so I can re-build my apps for my new phone

    I have a few other non-mandatory requirements that I really hope to find:
    - Internet Wifi hotspot. It'd be a shame if I had to duplicate my sim card or have a smartphone by hand for this purpose only...
    - Clean design, kinda like the Casio C781 Ravine 2 or the MOTORAZR2 V8. Those tend to have a bigger screen and a cleaner interface. (Plus, they look cool !)
    - Pebble smartwatch integration ? Okay this one may be a bit too much, but still, if some support this watch, it'd be awesome. Not a very important requirement, but still a nice one.

    See More: Searching for a basic "smart" phone.

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    Re: Searching for a basic "smart" phone.

    You should use any best Price Comparison and Online Shopping Site to compare your requirement & price details.
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