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    The ZTE Z320 is a feature phone. It is a flip phone with a tactile T9 / T12 keyboard.

    It is awkward to text on the ZTE Z320 because you need to go through a menu every time that you want to change to a capital or lower case letter. (The T12 typing is not a problem at all when you are acclimated to it. However, going through a menu to capitalize a word or sentence really slows one down).

    Is there an unpublished shortcut key that will cycle input modes without having to go to a menu to select the input mode?

    David D.

    See More: ZTE Z320 -- Changing input mode without menus

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    Re: ZTE Z320 -- Changing input mode without menus

    Text automatically translated from: Spanish to: English
    My telefono is a Alcatel 4060To and do not have the account of the manufacturer

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