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    i can basically get any phone i want for free now that my contract is over.....i have been a blackberry guy for almost 10 years (curve, bold, classic) and i think im due for a change of scenery, but i have no clue where to begin....phones im thinking of.....samsung, google, huwawei (or however you *****l it), LG,

    is there really much difference between any of these?....they all look the same to me....i dont really play games much,

    one thing that i do like about my blackberries i have had is the battery life.....my blackberries battery will last 5-7 days on a single charge, and that is keeping my phone on 24 hours a day with moderate usage....my wifes samsung seems to have trouble getting through one day on a charge.....are most new phones like this?.....worrying about battery power for the day seems like a big hassle to me

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