Okey the question is weird but i need answer here I have iphone and i left it unnatanded for some time (its locked with a passcode) My sim card also have a PIN code but it's the one on default so someone can guess it easily. Now if someone unplugged my sim card and did something with it and than plugged it back on the phone, when i unlock my passcode will it ask me for pin code. Its confusing what i am asking it comes from here, if they unplugged the sim card and inserted it again, the next time the phone gets unlocked by passcode it should also request for the PIN sim? So since when i unlocked my phone (the passcode) no sim card unlock popped up it should me the sim card was never plugged out from the device. Or lets simplify the question

- If a sim card is unplugged from the passcode locked device whilte its still on and then plugged again, it will request SIM pin code just as if was restarted right? I hope you followed what i asked here . Thanks, and yes i am paranoid

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