First time posting here, not sure if this is the best place to post this. This will be a little long to read so here goes.

First my issue with tracfone. I have been using tracfone and not really had any issues with them up until recently. I bought a new tracfone to replace my old tracfone. On the old tracfone, it still had 949 minutes and 27 days left. I was hoping to transfer all the minutes along with the same number to the new phone. I went to the tracfone website to start the activation process for the new phone. I went through all the steps it had asked for and it said it could take up to 2 days, which I also thought was kind a long time. Never took this long in the past. Another thing I found out about the process was it only asked for the phone number of the old phone, no serial number or anything. It only asked me for the serial number for the new phone.

Well 2 days go by and my new phone still isn't activated. So I started an online chat with tracfone. Well in the middle of this chat, the old phone gets a new number, not sure why. Then they go to say the old number can't be used anymore as it is not active. Not sure why the number got switched anyways. I would like to have kept the same number but I can live with it. I don't have alot of contacts, maybe 15 or so, not too terrible to update all my contacts with my new number. So I give that one up, we go ahead and transfer the minutes to the new phone. The person said it could take a few minutes or an hour to complete. Well, an hour goes by and nothing has been transferred. Old phone still has all the minutes.

I start another online chat to find out what is going on. The person asks me for the serial numbers and whatnot and comes back and says the old phone has been deactivated, today is the last service day so the minutes can't be transferred to the new phone even though the phone still shows all the minutes and the service days left. There is over 900 minutes on the old phone. At this moment, I am still able to make phone calls on the old phone that for them is showing deactivated. How is that possible. So according to them, nothing could be done to get the minutes off the old phone. Not sure what I can do here, I have already returned the new phone.

Because of this, I am looking for a different service of phone. I don't use the cell phone all that much, not like the phone is my job or anything. I would like to have a flip phone instead of a touch screen phone. What I did like about tracfone is the minutes and service is cheaper than other services I have looked at. Most are 1 month service while tracfone was 90 days or more for cheaper. I just mainly use the phone to make calls, don't use it for internet or taking pictures, just mainly calls. The brands that did have service comparable to tracfone was AT&T but they only had touchscreen phones, well this was looking at walmart. The one thing I would like for it to have is bluetooth.

Ty for all that help

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