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    Share iPhone Contacts via iTunes:

    NOTE: Using iTunes on a computer with Internet access, you can sync your iPhone contacts with your Google account and then sync the account data and contacts with the Android device.

    1. Connect the iPhone to the PC via USB
    2. Open iTunes on the PC and click the iPhone
    3. Access “Info” and enable “Sync Contacts With
    4. Log in with your Google account or click “Configure” and select an account
    5. Click “Apply” to begin the sync
    6. Once done, switch to the Android phone and log in with the same account used in iTunes
    7. Set the account to sync contacts with the Android phone

    Share iPhone Contacts from iCloud Backup:

    NOTE: If your iPhone contacts are backed up on your iCloud account, you can sign in with the account on a computer with Internet access and export the contacts in a vCard file for Android use.

    1. Launch the Internet browser on the computer
    2. Head down to and sign in with your iCloud account
    3. Go to “Contacts” and select the desired contacts
    4. Click “Settings” > “Export vCard
    5. Follow one of the steps below:
      • Launch the Internet browser on the computer and import the vCard to Google Contacts, or:
      • Connect the Android phone to the PC via USB, transfer the vCard to the phone storage and use the Contacts app to import the vCard to your phonebook

    Using My contacts Backup:

    NOTE: The methods above require a computer with Internet access but you can also share your iPhone contacts using third-party apps. My Contacts Backup is an iOS third-party app that can back up and share iPhone contacts via email.

    1. Install My Contacts Backup on the iPhone from the App Store
    2. Open the app and create a vCard of your iPhone contacts
    3. Compose an email and attach the vCard
    4. Send the email to your own address
    5. Switch to the Android phone and open the email
    6. Download the vCard attachment and import it to your phonebook via “Contacts

    Using Send Anywhere:

    NOTE: Another third-party app you can use is Send Anywhere on Android and iOS. The app uses a peer-to-peer connection to share contacts and other file types cross-platform without requiring computer access.

    1. Install Send Anywhere on the iPhone from the App Store
    2. Go to the Play Store and install the app on the Android phone
    3. Launch the app on both devices
    4. On the iPhone, tap “Send” > “contacts
    5. Select the desired contacts and tap “Send
    6. Choose a transfer method on one of the phones and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process

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