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    When talking about the the most popular Ali mobile phones of 2018, Apple,Huawei ,XiaoMi is still in the tower top with their appearance and excellent user experience. But now something goes interesting, besides normal smartphone, professional Tri-proof smartphone enter and market and favor by more and more people. In fact, it is not strange that, now people more intends to outdoor activity and travel, professional device is more convenient and item safe-guaranteed Such as AGM, with wolf-like quality attracted numerous outdoor enthusiasts, also ioutdoor, focused on rugged phone ten years ,the model- ioutdoor T2, become the star in first half of 2018 on Ali.

    Why the ioutdoor T2? ioutdoor T2, has an amazing antenna in appearance.This detachable antenna allows ioutdoor T2 to achieve a walkie-talkie function, speaking distance can reach 5 km. Certified by IP68 protection grade, so it is able to survive from 1.5-meter depth in the water for an hour or 1-meter depth in concrete for 24 hours. Full TPU material body feature strong resistance and elasticity. The most excellent function for outdoor enthusiasts: bringing 4500 mAH big battery,which is up to 1800h in stand-by, which support super flashlight and powerbank function. At the same time T2 also has 32dbm Super signal for weak signal environment.

    Great performance and budget price makes ioutdoor T2 became one of most popular item2018 Ali hot mobile phones. Now the official provide pleasure deals in their Ali store for one week , 42.99$ get the world first walkie-talkie Tri-proof phone, instead of 59.99$ ! head over to get the discount https://bit.ly/2OdSgrJ
    The most popular Tri-proof rugged phone of 2018 on Ali store- ioutdoor T2 !-27.jpg

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