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    Writing today 17:25 0 0 Hello, greetings to everyone, I'm new to the forum and first things first.I come to you for that recently buy on aliexpress a mobile brand smartisan, in particular the model Nut Pro 2 in your version of 6/128 is beautiful in its design and with a remarkable construction, the problem is the software. Brings a layer of customization multilanguage (by the seller) that is half translated and brings OS Smartisan 4.1 based on Android 7.1.1 And here comes the problem, randomly, when it comes in wins, incoming calls no longer ring, as well as notifications type whatsapp, I think it is bug of the custom rom from the seller. On the other hand I try to install TWRP but for that I need to meet two requirements, enable USB debugging and unlock the OEM the first option I have, but the second is NOT, and of course fastboot tells me "wating device" and when I press volume- + power, the recovery menu is this that is shown in the attached picture. That is to say, there is the option to "wipe data/reset factory" can Anyone help me or advise me?

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