Set Up Your Contact Profile:

  1. Launch “Contacts
  2. Access the “Contacts” tab
  3. Tap “Set up my profile
  4. Enter your profile information
  5. Tap “Done

Create a New Contact:

  1. Launch the apps drawer and open “Contacts
  2. Tap the “Add contact” icon
  3. Add the contact details in the appropriate fields and tap “Done

Import Contacts from Storage or SD Card:

  1. Launch “Contacts
  2. Tap “menu
  3. Tap “Import/Export
  4. Select to import from SD or storage
  5. If necessary, select to import one or multiple vCards, then select the files
  6. Tap “OK” when ready

Import Contacts from SIM:

  1. Launch “Contacts
  2. Tap “menu
  3. Tap “import/Export” > “Import from SIM card
  4. Select an account if necessary, to use for importing the contacts
  5. Select the contacts you want to import
  6. Tap the “Import” arrow icon

Export Contacts to Phone Storage or SD:

  1. Launch “Contacts
  2. Tap “Menu
  3. Tap “Import/Export
  4. Select where to export the contacts and name the vCard file
  5. Tap “OK

Export Contacts to the SIM Card:

  1. Open “Contacts
  2. Tap “Menu
  3. Tap “Import/Export” > “Export to SIM card
  4. Select the desired contacts
  5. Tap “Export

Add or Remove Favorite Contacts:

  1. Open the apps drawer
  2. Launch “Contacts” and access the “Contacts” tab
  3. Select the desired contact
  4. Tap the “Star” icon
  5. To remove a contact from favorites, tap the “Star” icon again

Link Contacts:

  1. Launch “Contacts
  2. Access the “Contacts” tab
  3. Tap and hold the desired contact
  4. Select the second contact and tap “Link

Unlink Contacts:

  1. Launch “Contacts
  2. Access the “Contacts” tab
  3. Select a linked contact then tap “Edit” > “Menu” > “Unlink
  4. Tap “Unlink” again to confirm

Create a New Caller Group:

  1. Launch “Contacts"
  2. Access the “Groups” tab
  3. Tap the blue Groups icon to add a new group
  4. Select an account with which to sync the group, if necessary
  5. Name the group as desired
  6. Tap “Add member” and select the desired contacts
  7. Tap “OK” > “Done

Edit a Caller Group:

  1. Open “Contacts
  2. Go to “Groups” and select the desired group
  3. Tap “Menu” > “Edit group
  4. Select the desired group’s name
  5. To remove contacts form the group, tap “Menu” > “Multi-select” then select the contacts and tap “Delete” > “OK
  6. When ready, tap “Done

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