Lower the Screen Brightness and Timeout Duration:

  1. Swipe the Status bar down on the home screen
  2. From the Notification area, drag the brightness slider towards the left
  3. Open “Settings
  4. Go to “Display” > “Advanced” > “Sleep
  5. Select a lower timeout value

Enable Battery Optimization:

  1. Open “Settings
  2. Go to “Battery
  3. Tap “Battery optimization
  4. Select an app to optimize
  5. Optionally, tap “Menu” and turn ON “Advanced Optimization

Disable Unused Connectivity Features:

NOTE: You can disable the phone’s connectivity features when not actively in use in order to avoid unnecessary network scans and to potentially improve battery life.

  1. Drag the Status bar down while viewing the home screen
  2. Tap the “Bluetooth” and “GPS (Location) quick toggles to disable the features
  3. Tap and hold the “Wi-Fi” toggle and set the switch OFF
  4. Open “Settings” and go to “Network & Internet” for more options
  5. Tap “Hotspot & Tethering” > “Wi-Fi Hotspot
  6. Disable the feature

Remove Third-Party Applications:

NOTE: Some third-party apps perform regular background processes and this can potentially affect the phone’s battery life. By removing unused third-party apps, you might be able to improve battery life in the long run.

  1. Open “Settings
  2. Go to “Apps & Notifications” and switch to “See all apps” if necessary
  3. Select the desired application
  4. Tap “Uninstall” > “OK

Keep the OS Updated:

NOTE: OS updates can improve battery life so it’s recommended to keep the OS up dated at all times. To check for new updates:

  1. Launch “Settings
  2. Access “System
  3. Tap “System updates” > “Check for updates
  4. If new updates are available, follow the prompts to download and apply them

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