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    I started repairing electronics from my garage years ago and slowly it become my full time job,
    All my resources was from internet and online courses, so I'm not in touch with other repair guys.
    My question is: What websites do you use for your daily repairs?
    For me I use this website scheme512.com
    I'm interesting to know other websites too!

    See More: For electronics repair technician guys!

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    Re: For electronics repair technician guys!

    You can repair only electronics, right? I'm just looking for a reliable paint sprayer and I don't know what to choose. Probably you can help

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    Re: For electronics repair technician guys!

    I don't know why you have decided to ask such things there because it's much easier and faster to google all this information on the Internet. By the way, have a glance at this source here https://indoor2outdoor.com/best-pain...-for-cabinets/ as it may help you a little bit. I just have found it specially for you.

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