Hi, Looking for a new phone. Here's what I had.

2 Tracphones - LG models. They were ok, no contract, no plan, anonymous. The only
downside was every so often I had to buy more minutes in order to keep service.
Last December I didn't renew in time. Each phone had collected thousands of
minutes. No more service. Now the sim cards are out of date so phone is unusable.

What I want. A few years ago I saw an ad for a phone that had a preset amount of
minutes. There was no time limit on it. The assigned phone number stayed set. It was
also (I think) anonymous. Even if you didn't use the phone for a year or 2 it would
still be good to go without having to buy more minutes (although I think you could
buy more if needed). No contract, no plan, no monthly fees. Problem is I don't remember what it was called.

I don't care about data. I don't care about text.

All I care about is something for the road (sometimes for work I travel to other
parts of the country) in case the car breaks down. So it will have to get a good
signal wherever I am. (In contrast, where I live there is no cell reception. But I
don't need it at home so it's moot here.)

Whew, am I asking too much? Which phone would fit my needs? TIA

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