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    I discovered an iPhone 8 Plus in a second hand couch (plus $8 and some change) I've had this phone for over 10 months and no one has bothered to call for/about it. It is "activation" locked and I would guess icloud locked as well. It is now "unactivated". It's "screen locked", so I can't even try to find the original owner's I.D. Now, after more than 10 months I can safely say the owner doesn't want it back and I'm sure, by now, has had it replaced. What can I do to be able to use this phone? Looked at some on-line companies that claim they can open/unlock/restore it, but I just don't know about them...so??? Damn good phone and it'd be a shame to "waste" it. Sure would appreciate some help/advice on/about this phone.



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    Re: unlock and activate iPhone 8 Plus

    Hm, it's bad

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