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    I need a new cell phone as mine is 8 years old, a Samsung Note II. It stopped charging even with a new charger. I could see some bent metal inside charging port. Put a new battery in and it worked fine until it died.

    Brought it into a contract Version store to fix. First they made me feel bad that I was still using such an old phone even tough I explained that I wanted to keep it because I like that I can replace the battery myself as they stopped making phones that do t. They then told me as of next month Version would no longer supply cell service to this model! 10/2019 I do question that. Also said it would cost more to fix it then to buy a new one. Doubt that also.
    The only thing wrong with it is that the inside of port is slightly bent (Bobby pin might have worked?)

    Maybe I'm too critical but the salesman then cut my sims card in half without my permission to pull up my account because it was under my husband's name and told me "The phone was too old to have any credits on a new phone, which he told me before he sliced my sims card in half!

    To be fair he did 'tell me' he was going to do it, but he didn't ask me, and truthfully, I don't know what a Sims card is or if I needed it to retrieve my pictures? Then he tried to shove a 1 grand plus Samsung note 10 on me, and after I complained... said the cheapest phone they had was around $600.

    I wont go back there and prefer to purchase a new phone on Amazon Prime as I can return for a full refund in 30days if its a lemon. Prices look great but trouble is I am totally confused what to buy. I tried to read the blogs to understand what the differences are between locked and unlocked and universal vs USA, etc...but I'm a total non- techy and even though I somewhat understand a tiny bit of it I still have no idea WHAT TO BUY.. !!! My husband is clueless about what to buy also. All I see is a bunch of numbers after a phone brand and it looks so confusing it makes me want to cry.

    Wondering if anyone can make a few suggestions of good cell phones for me to purchase on Amazon and use on my Version plan? What is important to me equally is 1. Qualify 2. Warrantee, 3. Larger screen, 4. Good camera.

    My price range is somewhere between $150 to $350, more if the value is really worth it. And I'd like it to last at least 3 years. Don't want a track phone. I can't change carriers right now either. Just use it for phone, text, and pictures, occasional Google search or shopping or check mail, but that's it.

    I do realize I've lost everything on my old phone, isn't the first time and probably won't be the last.�� when I got my phone home and took it apart sims card was missing.

    Thanks for any help, MLG

    See More: Help needed purchasing cell phone on Amazon for Verison.
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    Re: Help needed purchasing cell phone on Amazon for Verison.

    Help needed purchasing cell phone on Amazon for Version.

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