I am asking to see if I can help out my aging beloved Aunt Honey. Honey is in her late 80s. She uses Verizon for her older not-smart flip phone and Mediacom for a VOIP landline. Honey has some fairly profound hearing issues.

Recently I saw some ads for a wired desk phone with an amplified handset and a 10” screen that uses a closed caption service to type out all that a caller speaks. This will solve Honey’s trouble hearing and understanding conversations on the landline, but not the cell phone.

I can forward the cell to the landline to help Honey with those calls, but when forwarded, the cell phone does not ring or notify in any way that a call came in and was forwarded.
The issue is that when Honey leaves the house fo whatever reason it is very unlikely she would remember to “un-forward” the cell phone, let alone remember how to do so.

What I need is a way to forward all Honey’s cell calls to her landline BUT still have the cell phone ring so she can answer when she is away from the landline captioned deskphone.

Any suggestions?

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