New IMEI checker added on !
From now on you can check IMEI for all Infinix phones.

Infinix Mobile is a Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer founded in 2013 by Transsion Holdings.
The company has research and development centres sprawling between France and Korea and designs its phones in France.
Infinix mobile phones are manufactured in France, Korea, Hong Kong, China and India and are available in Asia and in about 30 countries in the Middle East and Africa, including Morocco, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan and Algeria.
In 2017, Infinix gained market shares in Egypt, rising to third place after Samsung and Huawei.

Why check IMEI for Infinix phone ?
First to find out is it an original product. There is many fakes over market.
Second to check if phone is under warranty.
Next reason is to check exact model and activation date.
Also necessary is to check blacklist status for your Infinix phone.

How to check IMEI warranty information for Infinix ?
1. Type in your Infinix mobile *#06# to display IMEI number.
2. go to Infinix IMEI checker site.
3. Enter IMEI number in check field on Infinix warranty checker.
4. After few seconds you will get full IMEI info.

Example of checking IMEI results.

IMEI : 353335096xxxxxx
Brand : Infinix
Model : X572
Valid Activated Date : 2018-08-02
Purchas date : 2018-08-02
Repairs and Service Coverage : Expired

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