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    Hey! I have a question to girls! What nails do you prefer now? Share with me cool ideas

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    Delicate manicure is performed, as a rule, in a restrained design, emphasizing the natural beauty of female hands, which allows choosing this type of manicure as a win-win option. Delicate manicure for short nails is in fashion. A beautiful delicate manicure for long nails, of course, is still chosen by many women, but nevertheless, in modern nail art, a gentle manicure on nails of moderate length (3-5 mm) is more relevant. As for the shape, a delicate manicure on almond-shaped and oval-shaped nails looks elegant and elegant. The soft square or squoval form, which is liked by many women, does not lose its relevance.

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    I think all girls prefer different types of manicure. I try to choose different manicure for different seasons and events. In everyday life, I prefer different cute nails https://naildesignsjournal.com/cute-nail-designs/ . As for me it looks really good and you can try something like this too

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