It seem that every week there is a new company that is reselling the leased lines of T-Mobile, ATT and Sprint. I was with Cricket for 5 years at 55 for unlimited. I thought that was great, but then saw better deals. I never had a hot spot so when i saw VISIBLE 45.00 unlimited with a hotspot i was all over it. They mail you a sim overnight for free, that is only good for a month. If you are coming off a prepaid contract you cant cancel and get a refund so you need to cancel and switch near the end of the month or you are wasting money and we are all here to save money. VISIBLE COULD NOT activate a After a few days I had to renew cricket and pay more money and i tried vision again because i wanted the hotspot and i lost my jailbroken iPhone so i needed a factory option. 2 weeks went by and they still couldn’t activate the sim. IN the trash.

I then found MINT, 20 for 8 gig and 3 months prepaid with shipping was 72. I looked at my usage and i barely used more the 8 so I was like let me try. Weirdly when they meter the traffic it is used to much faster for some reason. They have a 7 day return and after I prepaid for the 3 months they offered a 10 gig plan for 25 and THEY refused to upgrade the new plan. Horrible customer service thru live chat. Days to reply to emails. The 7 days passed before getting a reply so i started looking for a new carrier. Mint is T-Mobile FYI.

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