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    What methods of treatment for the virus do you use? How do you protect your health and do you use masks? This is very important information for everyone at this time.

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    Re: Covid 19

    When the pandemic hit, the first thing of course I went to buy masks. Found them on Protectly. There are masks and respirators of various types N96, and most importantly, they are all certified. In general, I recommend them to you.

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    Re: Covid 19

    It is now more important than ever to be healthy, and we must obey those basic guidelines and, of course, take medications if we are feeling unwell. I'm not sure, but I like to see my doctor at this advancedcardiologycare.com clinic about every six months to see if my health is in good shape or if anything needs to be addressed. I advise everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle and seek medical advice when necessary.

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    Re: Covid 19

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