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    I am a Certified Gymnastics and Trampoline Coach...I don't know why people are buying what they buy but here is my opinion about the safety of the net. I believe the net around a trampoline is only safe for very small children, (depending on their weight really) but about 5 years and under.

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    Interesting thoughts, thanks. Interesting thoughts, thanks. I disagree with you. Statistics say that most injuries on trampolines occur just at the moments of jumpers falling out of its limits. This applies to both children and adults. And a very simple solution - a safety net on a trampoline - will help to avoid these troubles. With regular trampoline jumping, both children and adults quickly get used to and learn to control their body by staying in the center of the jumping surface. But even in this case, a trampoline with a net is an additional guarantee against unpleasant surprises. The materials from which the trampoline protective net is made are different. Thanks to this, the net can cushion, helping to return the jumper to the center of the trampoline, and absorb the impact of a collision, thus saving him from injury; or it may simply stop a jumper flying into the net, creating the effect of hitting a taut surface. Choose a protective mesh that receives and holds gently but securely! I gathered this information from posts on Instagram in which the authors talk about the importance of safety nets for trampolines. I saw quite a lot of videos on this topic there and noticed that in most cases these videos were published by accounts to which at least 14 thousand subscribers were subscribed! I am sure that in order to achieve such indicators, their owners have resorted to buy instagram followers and increase the number of subscribers.
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