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    Is there a good way to use one phone to receive and make calls using multiple phone numbers? I don't like carrying two phones around and having to pay for two phones.

    I'm currently on Google Fi with a crusty original Pixel that's failing (personal phone and phone number) and a Moto G6 for my business with its own number. I've been trying to talk to Google Fi team, Workspace team, Google Voice team, and getting all kinds of conflicting messages, false info, and a run-around.

    I know there are dual-sim phones, but Fi team says I can't have two Fi numbers on one device (physical sim and esim), one has to be from a different carrier. I'm ready to look at Consumer Cellular, etc.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Re: Consolidate phones/lines?

    I want to buy a new phone

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