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    I was looking for a way to connect my my 2 Android cellphones to my VTech landline cordless phones (5 handsets). I ran accross a small inexpensive device called Cell2Jack. Although it's been around quite a while, I never even knew anything like that existed. I think it seems to work similarly to Panasonic's Link2Cell.

    After setting up Cell2Jack, all 5 of my cordless phones ring whenever I get a cellphone call, and I can answer that call on either my cellphone, or on any of the 5 cordless handsets. I can also place outgoing cellphone calls through any of my cordless phones. It's like getting 5 additional cellphones, for free. And I can also save money by eliminating my landline phone bill.

    I think Cell2Jack is such a useful product, that I posted an 18 minute comprehensive review on YouTube. To find it and watch, search YouTube for "Tips Before Buying Cell2Jack". I think this is a device many of you guys might find worthwhile... Good luck.

    See More: Cell2Phone
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