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    Hey folks! What is the best free video editing software? I'm a complete beginner with a basic understanding of photo editing software like gimp but wanna get into video as well

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    Re: Free video editing software

    DaVinci Resolve is free and very powerful, although not super intuitive at first. With a couple tutorials and hours of messing around you can get comfortable with it pretty quickly though. The color correction features in it are unmatched, and you can also throw in complex effects with the "Fusion" stuff.

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    Re: Free video editing software

    I just got into video editing this year and Resolve is the first editor I tried that really made sense to me. Great free version, full version is not a subscription so worthwhile if you really get into it.

    They also have great training videos on their website.

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    Re: Free video editing software


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    Re: Free video editing software

    In fact, these days there are a huge number of different free software for video editing, but it is free only until you want to use some advanced function, in which case you will be asked to buy an advanced version of the software.
    Personally, I used to only use iMovie on my Mac, but then my MacBook broke down and I had to start using Windows, but there is no way to install iMovie on this OS, so I started looking for alternatives and found: https://www.movavi.com/imovie-for-windows.html
    As for me, Movavi Video Editor is an excellent alternative to iMovie.

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    Re: Free video editing software

    The video editor has always been the kind of software that many people should study for a hobby or work. As other forum members have already listed VegasPro, DaVinci Resolve is at a medium level. DaVinci Resolve is used professionally for color correction and video editing. VegasPro is also a multifunctional editor, but with a greater emphasis on video. But there is one thing but. If you want to get a job and professionally edit the video you need DaVinci Resolve, AfterEffect, PremierPro.

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