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    Since graduating highschool, I found myself on the business end of blank pages, trying to fill them with words, first for my dad, in HOLLYWOOD, and then, for a variety of folks who knew a lot about business and money, but nothing about story-telling. I've made a life out of writing stories and it's a life I like, so don't mess with it.

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    Re: Since graduating highschool

    Good one amazing.

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    Re: Since graduating highschool

    I often wonder what will happen after graduation. I want to become a web designer. But training is expensive, so I decided to work as a writer in parallel with my studies. Writing is my hobby. I helped the whole class with writing assignments and now I found a vacancy on the Apstudynotes service, read a review of this service on the site https://www.topwritersreview.com/reviews/apstudynotes/ and got interested. The guys have a good reputation, so their services are in demand, if they hire me, I can earn good money and pay for my studies at the university of my dreams.
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