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    As strange as it may sound, I love watching commercials. A lot of people can't stand them. And it's commonplace that when they're watching something on TV and the movie or TV show is abruptly interrupted, they freak out. And then they just flip through or go about their business and wait for the beginning of what they were watching. And I'm a creative person. And I like to watch people make commercials and advertise some goods and services. Each product is shown in its own way. Sometimes I even like to do analysis and look at the difference. Where good with advertising tried and where not so good. Advertising is roughly speaking the "face" of the product. Like the face of a person to us. In high-quality advertising you can say with confidence that you would like to buy this product. Since you have already heard about it. And it is banal that the video interested you before the purchase. I even have a desire to work in an advertising agency. So that in the future I could do animated videos for customers. And to please their product with good work.

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    Re: Do you have any favorite commercials?

    Yes I understand you in that respect. I like to see that kind of work, too. You can see what manufacturers spared no expense and were able to make a great video for advertising. Some commercials or their slogans or music from the video is memorable for a long time. My parents still remember that commercial and say to me, "I still remember that milk commercial...". That's me for example. And your dream animated video production sounds interesting. If you're a creative person, why not. You have to try your hand at what you like. And don't waste your time doing something you don't like. If you think about it we don't have a lot of time. Try to watch the work of the Galera Agency for prevention. They make cool animated videos. At least you'll know how it all looks like. And whether you're ready to go for it.

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