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    I am needing to replace an original Moto E (2014, I believe) with something newer and capable of the current generation cell service. I've been told that 3G will be phased out by next year. Is that accurate? My problem is that one side of me is paralyzed so I need something near that same size (4.3" diagonal, I think) that I can operate with one hand. My thumb isn't long enough to work these latest phones which are seemingly skatedboard-sized. Palm's offering gets poor reviews or I'd consider that. I've only had Androids but does anyone have experience with The second-generation iPhone SE? Are there any other smallish phones for people in my position that have to be able to work it with one hand? I am on a very limited fixed-income, so a reasonable, fairly smallish price tag would be good, too.

    Thanks very much.

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    Re: Need one-handed phone

    If you are looking for some good but inexpensive phone, look at the Sky company. Perhaps you will find something for yourself. If you have any questions, just use sky devices phone number and find out all the necessary information. Good luck.

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