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    Ecently I came across one very interesting article, the topic of which, I have been interested in for a long time. Agree that chatbots in healthcare is a very cool topic! It turns out Broscorp has created an interesting and effective product. I've already thought about its implementation, but I just advise you to read this information: https://broscorp.net/make-healthcare...ith-a-chatbot/.

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    Re: Chatbots in healthcare

    I don't think chatbots can replace a real doctor or health insurance. Do you use health insurance or pay for each exam separately?

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    Re: Chatbots in healthcare

    Of course, chatbots in healthcare can perform simple tasks, but they cannot completely replace medical care. I get a full medical check-up every year. Such measures allow to detect health problems at early stages and start treatment in time. I have health insurance covering doctor visits and treatment. It took me a long time to decide which health insurance plan I should choose. I chose Medicare Plan N. For you to understand what I'm talking about here's the link at https://www.medigap.com/medicare-sup...edigap-plan-n/. Plan N is a practical option. It's neither too much nor too little coverage.

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