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    I was still asking questions and the chat support agent just hung up. At the end of each response, the chat support agent asked, “Is there anything else I can help you with today?” If I had finished, I would have said so. I was still trying to solve my problem. The agent then said - before I had finished - "I wish I could do more to help" and "I hope you understand" and "The chat isn't going anywhere" and left the chat. It is not true. I asked a new question. If you wished you could do more, then you should have stayed on the line!

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    Re: Google fi support intentionally hung up

    Hello! Google Fi is a company that offers mobile phone services in the United States. The company uses T-Mobile and US Cellular networks to provide its subscribers with uninterrupted and high-quality access to communication services. For its subscribers, google fi offers several unlimited tariff plans, as well as special conditions for connecting family packages. Plus, you get access to free Wi-Fi hotspots where available.

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