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    I want to become a programmer and start learning all this stuff.
    I do not know where to start, where to get all sorts of information, what to read, etc.
    Please advise me.
    (I want to learn on their own, rather than go to college to learn). Perhaps you can advise me good training courses?

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    tim bim
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    Re: programmer

    Hi! I asked myself this question about a year ago. For starters, if you've never done anything like this, I recommend starting with Python, as it's pretty simple to understand the structure of the language, how to manipulate variables, use functions, load libraries, and more.

    As for courses, to each his own.

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    Re: programmer

    I recently completed the FullStack online course and I can state the fact that GoIT courses https://goit.global/us/ is really an opportunity to enter IT without any experience. The whole learning process is very competently built, there is constant support. The knowledge gained here is invaluable. The course program includes the study of modern technologies, everything that is directly needed to start a career as a developer. There are more than enough materials, the main thing is desire and motivation). In addition, I want to note that the company is interested in hiring students, they constantly publish vacancy announcements, there is a career service that will help you create a resume and consult with HR. Even before the end of the course I managed to find a job.

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    Griffin Patter
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    Re: programmer

    It's really true. A lot of people have switched to online learning. In general, it's very convenient, but the education system is not yet ready for it. But as a student, I would say that studying has become easier. Even since high school I was not able to properly put my thoughts on paper. It took me a long time to learn this and thanks to writinguniverse.com/narrative-essay-topics/ I was able to learn how to write essays. Now my friends often ask me to do it.

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    Re: programmer

    Hey there! I understand the challenges of balancing computer science assignments with other responsibilities. As for me, I've been in the same situation. But guess what? I discovered this site: https://codinghomeworkhelp.org . They offer exceptional computer science homework help that can make a world of difference. Their experts provide top-quality solutions, saving you time and stress. Best of luck with your studies!

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    Re: programmer

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